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Reading and Rambling

I am a single mom who spends all my free time reading to escape the craziness of real life.  Everything I read features hot men loving other hot men, probably due to the lack of hot men in my own life.  I recently tried my hand at the writing game.  My first short, Risking the Field, will be hitting the public this summer thanks to the Don't Read in the Closet event held every year by the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads.  I write under the name Jean McGray, an hommage to my grandfather and my high school nickname.

Beneath the Stain

Beneath the Stain - Amy Lane In true Amy Lane-fashion, she has ripped me apart with her story! Mackey is only 14 when he falls in love for the first time. Grant is his older brother’s best friend and they know that they have to keep their love a secret from everyone in their small town. They are five of the closest brothers and friends you can imagine. Mackey, Kell, Jefferson, Stevie, and Grant spend their teen years perfecting their music, with Mackey’s brilliant words driving them. When they strike it big, Grant stays behind, trapped into marrying his high school girlfriend, shattering Mackey’s heart and sending him spiraling into a world of drugs and anonymous hookups.
And that’s just the first part! There are six more to go! Yeah, it was that insane and that good. I love Amy Lane books for all the emotions they make you feel. You know going into them you are most likely going to be reaching for some tissues at least once, but you also know she is going to surprise you with how she heals it and makes it all better. So good and so worth the pain! I laughed, I cried (quite a bit,) I was angry, I was happy. It was a roller coaster ride.