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Reading and Rambling

I am a single mom who spends all my free time reading to escape the craziness of real life.  Everything I read features hot men loving other hot men, probably due to the lack of hot men in my own life.  I recently tried my hand at the writing game.  My first short, Risking the Field, will be hitting the public this summer thanks to the Don't Read in the Closet event held every year by the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads.  I write under the name Jean McGray, an hommage to my grandfather and my high school nickname.

Blue Moon: Too Good to Be True

Blue Moon: Too Good to Be True - A.E. Via There were parts of this book that left me with chills that would not go away and tears in my eyes. It was that intense. The connections between Angel and Max and Ryker and Bass are what we all hope we find in our lives. I loved every second of this book. The Beastmasters are a formidable group of men and I can't wait to read more about them. Max's friends at the firehouse were great and Pierce most definitely has a story to tell.... I love AE Via's writing and how her strong men aren't afraid to love hard and show it to the world.