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Reading and Rambling

I am a single mom who spends all my free time reading to escape the craziness of real life.  Everything I read features hot men loving other hot men, probably due to the lack of hot men in my own life.  I recently tried my hand at the writing game.  My first short, Risking the Field, will be hitting the public this summer thanks to the Don't Read in the Closet event held every year by the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads.  I write under the name Jean McGray, an hommage to my grandfather and my high school nickname.

Dead Man and the Restless Spirits

Dead Man and the Restless Spirits - Lou Harper The perfect fun and light story! This was actually three shorts rolled in 1 and I loved them. There was the perfect amount of heat and humor. I will be reading the next one in the series!

Denton can see dead people. And that puts a major damper on his life. When he moves into a new apartment, he meets his neighbor, the very mysterious and gorgeous and Bran and sparks fly. Bran is an herbalist with a couple of his own secrets. Together, they are able to build up Denton's power and team up to rid the world of pesky ghosts.